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New United Sponsorship Deal - And Gill is confident of shirt deal

NEW UNITED SPONSORSHIP DEAL,17033,8652_4430471,00.html

Manchester United have signed a new multi-million pound sponsorship deal with Swiss watch manufacturers Hublot.

The three-year contract comes hot on the heels of similar contracts with Saudi Telecom, Seoul Metropolitan Government and Budweiser.

The deal proves how valuable the United brand has become even during a worldwide economic slump which has seen West Ham's shirt sponsor XL go into administration and the Red Devils' sponsors AIG be effectively bought out by the US government.

While some critical fans vehemently opposed to the Glazer family ownership will continue to insist United's finances are precarious, club officials will point to increased sponsorship as evidence to the contrary.

"We are delighted to welcome such a prestigious partner as Hublot to the Manchester United family," said chief executive David Gill.

"Their reputation for excellence and innovation makes them a fitting and exciting sponsor for the club.

"Sir Alex (Ferguson) is known as a stickler for timekeeping, both on and off the pitch, now we have a partner that shares his passion."

Manchester United confident of shirt deal

By Simon Stone, PA
Thursday, 30 October 2008

Manchester United chief executive David Gill is confident the Red Devils will match their current £19m-a-year sponsorship deal with AIG when they look for a replacement in 2010.

United appear to have bucked the trend of a worldwide economic downturn by securing a fourth lucrative partnership agreement in the past 10 months, this time with Swiss watchmaker Hublot.

They join Saudi Telecom, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Budweiser on an impressive list of major organisations willing to associate themselves with the European champions.

Yet the spectre of AIG looms large. Three years ago, United astounded financial experts when they signed up with the American banking giant following Vodafone's shock decision to walk away from a deal worth £9m annually.

At the time, AIG were seen as one of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world.

That was before the credit crunch, in which AIG would have gone to the wall had it not been baled out by the US government, which now effectively sponsor United.

The prominence of the AIG logo at Old Trafford last night suggests there will be no immediate termination of a four-year deal which is now in its third season.

But it is virtually impossible to conceive of a renewal, leaving the club to find an alternative in the worst economic conditions.

However, Gill feels the Hublot deal - worth less than a tenth of their shirt sponsorship - shows United remain an attractive proposition globally.

"Putting your name on the Manchester United real estate, which is our shirt, is very valuable," said Gill.

"The overall value of our deal with AIG is around £19million-a-year. That is a significant deal.

"But we think the value is very much there and we will be able to secure a new partner from 2010 onwards."

Gill confirmed there are funds outstanding from the AIG deal and the financial services aspect of the contract runs beyond the expiry of the shirt deal.

It creates a complicated picture for United's commercial staff - a whole team of which are now based in London and work closely with director Bryan Glazer - to work from.

But memories of what happened when Vodafone turned tail suggests there is no need for despondency.

"Obviously the economic conditions were different then but you only have to sell the shirt once," Gill said.

"There are still some very successful, profitable, growing companies around the world.

"Football is global, Manchester United is global. We have to demonstrate, to one company effectively, what the value of being on our shirt is.

"We are very confident we can do that because we truly believe the shirt of Manchester United is worth a lot of money."

The many critics of the Glazer family, with whom Gill now enjoys a close relationship despite initially being fiercely resistant to their takeover in 2005, have claimed the precarious nature of refinancing arrangements put in place to cover debts of around £666m, mean that any downturn in performance, from either a team or financial perspective, would put the club at risk.

Sources close to the Glazers reject the notion totally, while Gill points to the players brought in, including the club record £30.75m addition of Dimitar Berbatov, as proof United are in robust health.

"We have always had a medium to long-term business plan," he said.

"That is coupled with owners who understand what happens on the pitch is crucial to their overall aims."

While factors such as sponsorship and support are clearly in United's control - Old Trafford currently has 65,000 of its 76,000 seats pre-sold for the season - other revenue streams are not.

Yet the Red Devils remain committed to the collective bargaining principle of the Premier League and feel a collapse in income from the £1.7billion gained domestically and £625m from overseas rights is not inevitable.

"We don't see a situation where it falls off a cliff," said Gill.

"The recession will not last forever and the Premier League are speaking with the broadcasters about a new contract from 2010.

"They understand the markets and study them more closely than we do. But we are part of the collective and we support the collective.

"We believe the Premier League will still be an attractive product and a key asset to either retain in the case of Sky and Setanta, or obtain in the case of some American broadcaster possibly."

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Hublot who?!?!?!

Exactly i google Hublot and check out their website:

THEY ALREADY HAVE A WATCH WITH THE RED DEVIL LOGO THERE....... in Red, Black & Yellow, of course! ;)

Muahahahahaha - marketing at it's best.

Official press release from Hublot: red_devil_bang_ang.pdf

Hublot to play at Old Trafford!

Old Trafford, Manchester: at this mythical stadium, Hublot today announced its
partnership with Manchester United. The watchmaking brand is making its
entrance into the “Theatre of Dreams” at the very place where the heart of the
Club has been beating for nearly one hundred years, and becomes official
timekeeper for the most famous football club in the world.

A club with an exceptional record, and legendary players – the Club acknowledged as
“THE” number one club in the world: Manchester United! also known as the Red Devils.
The club which, from now on, will continue its journey with Hublot. A red-letter day for
the Swiss watchmaker, and an important step which reinforces its presence in the
footballing world, after being the first luxury brand to be associated with this sphere of
activity two years ago. In the presence of the international media, executives of
Manchester United and Hublot presented the values which led to the association of
their names.

The bonds established by Hublot in the realm of football have facilitated encounters and
made it possible to win the confidence and friendship of managers, players and
supporters alike. Manchester United is woven into the collective memory, thanks to the
remarkable skills of great players such as Bobby Charlton, George Best, Eric Cantona
and David Beckham, but also Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs. But
not only for this reason: the club is also respected for its history and tradition and its
forward way of thinking. With its vision of football extending beyond sport, as an activity
which generates social interaction and friendship. Its level of rigour and perfection, and
its performances, endow it with an international aura. So many values shared with the
watchmaker, which is proud to be associated with the Red Devils in 2008. This is a
special year in two respects: first because it is the 130th anniversary of the Club, and
second because of their double victory - one in the Premier League and one in the
Champions’ League.

The Red Devil Bang

Acknowledged and appreciated as a luxury item that can be worn while engaged in
sporting activities, as well as during an evening out, our timepieces - a symbol of fusion
and innovation - have won over the hearts of new fans. And these fans may well rejoice:
the partnership between Hublot and Manchester United heralds a new Big Bang: the
Red Devil Bang, a black ceramic chronograph displaying a 45-minutes counter – the
duration of a football match half – especially developed by Hublot for football and
Manchester United. Sporting on its dial the celebrated Red Devil logo, this is a
somewhat rebellious watch that honours the colours of the club, whose history is
punctuated with victories and memorable dramas.

Within the framework of its partnership with Manchester United, the CEO of Hublot,
Jean-Claude Biver, strongly wished to also make a commitment to the “Manchester
United Foundation”, an organisation which helps young people through various footballrelated
activities. The Foundation has developed educational programmes in order to
promote better social integration and also provides support for sick children. It acts at
international as well as local level. Hublot has always been involved in activities in
support and defence of children. As Mr Biver says: “The height of luxury is the capacity
to share”. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the “Red Devil Bang” watches will thus
be donated to the Foundation.

Just as a reminder: Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot CEO, was at the origin of a pioneering
and unexpected development when he decided to associate Hublot's image with
football. The brand began by associating with the Swiss team during the 2006 World
Cup, then became involved as official timekeeper at Euro 2008, and meanwhile created
a special watch for the Mexican Football Federation. Finally, its latest passionate interest
was for the Spanish team, some fifteen days before they won the Euro 2008!

Further information on :

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^ No, mate.

i don't think this is going to replace AIG. I think this is an additional deal that will make Hublot the "official timekeepers'.

You'll probably see their logo above clocks at OT and see Man Utd players advertise them. Stuff like that.

You wanna know how much an original Hublot costs? The Big Bang goes
for USD30, 000!!! :eek:

I've asked a friend of mine to look out for imitations from China. ;)

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scottsati said:
was great at the match last night when they announced it...did they think they were going to get a big cheer and standing ovation....the announcement of this deal was met with shouts of " who gives a ****" and general apathy and plain straightforward hate. great to have money coming into the club of course , but as usual its just more commercialism- what's the betting there will soon be a limited edition product for us fans to buy soon to "celebrate"

I'm just glad there's more cash coming into the club. I hear the deal is in excess of 1.5million pounds a year. That's the salary of a player like Nani or Anderson, so even though this deal doesn;'t effect me in anyway, at least there's more money coming..........oh wait a minute, it's not really money we would need if we didn't have 600m debt thanks to the Glazers :rolleyes:
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