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Just looking at the news paper and video reports on the newcastle vs mike ashley saga

heres some photos

love this banner it made me laugh

they for sure could of tried harder with that one but anyone on to my point:D

really i dont know why the newcastle fans are getting so worked up over the whole keegan situation the man hardly won them a trophy or even a decent game

fair play i would be abit miffed if i was manager and the owner sold a player or players behind my back but it just seems abit OTT for me,

the problem is for newcastle they will struggle to get a decent manager in now at the rate they fire managers whos going to want to go there i know i would if i was a manager

i have the feeling they will end up looking at the lower divisions for a manager and no doubt hell get fired with in weeks its worse than eastenders imo:p

its the newcastle okie cokie and i love it

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I'll be totally shocked if they get in a decent manager.

They only have themselves to blame.

The fans are never satisfied.

They gunned down Roeder who was ok really,
Sam who was good at Newcastle and brilliant at Bolton,
Souness who had to deal with a huge amount of injuries and strange on the field and off problems.
Bobby Robson, who was forced out by fans favourite Shearer (for not playing him) - and ill health.
Gullit - Who was not great.

Give a manager a chance ffs!

They've had three top managers they've sacked for no reason now. The last three that is! Newcastle fans are morons.

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but surely its Ashley who is responsible for the hiring and firing of managers,he never gives em a chance.if i was a Newcastle fan,i think i'd be more than a bit miffed.its surely Ashley undermining Keegan thats caused this,so i think its a wee bit unfair to take potshots at Newcastle fans,you never know whats round the corner,when Fergie has retired who knows this situation could happen here.:(

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red lady said:
but surely its Ashley who is responsible for the hiring and firing of managers,he never gives em a chance.(
Tbf, Allardyce was already manager of Newcastle when Ashley bought the club. I thought he should have been given more time but there was a lot of pressure from the fans to sack him and he wasn't Ashley's choice.

The Newcastle fans loved Ashley when he brought Keegan back and it was 'King Kev' who made the decision to leave, he wasn't pushed by Ashley.

I think his main mistake, and it was a huge one, was hiring Dennis Wise. He should have let Keegan get on with things without a Director above him intefering - especially in things as important as transfer targets. How can any manager be held responsible for results on the football pitch if it's not players he is choosing on the pitch?

I think the fans are also a bit miffed about the amount of money being spent at the club. Under Freddy Shepherd they could still make huge bids for the likes of Rooney and brought players like Owen to the club. Ashley came in promising to invest in players but they haven't made any major signings at all. In fact, this summer, they seem to have weakened the squad if anything.
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