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This is not a ronaldo thread.

With all of our legitimate concern over the 'will he/won't he' in the last few weeks, we may have lost sight of the fact that (regardless) we are in much better shape than our closest rivals in the EPL.

Chelski are likely to lose a couple, if not several of their key players (Drogba and Carvallho to inter, Shevchenko (lol) to milan and perhaps a few more). They have been unable to sign their first two choices to replace grant, and you get the sense that the all powerful czar may also scare any new players away.

Arse'ne's latest effort to rebuild l'arse has been somewhat dented by the loss of hleb and flamini. As well, Adebayor is being heavily targetted by milan - as their first choice striker. Ljungberg has come out with some damaging claims about
the wenger military regime - will that affect their ability to sign new talent?

And LFC still have benitez as manager - enough said.

We have the entire summer transfer market to improve the team and may have an abundance of funds to do so. We are still the reigning EPL and CL champions, players will want to come here. Some, perhaps even more so if the inevitable does happen.

I am juiced about the prospects! :D
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