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Fabio Quagliarella - I don't think ManUtd will buy him, even he is interested with Old Trafford...Nani, Anderson and Hargreaves is enough for ManUtd...Klass - Jan Huntelaar - yeah he will be a good signing but he never say he is interested with ManUtd....Afonso Alves - He is good but no signal from ManUtd to load him to theatre of dream "Old Trafford".Defoe, Berbatov rubbish, they were happy at Tottenham Hotspurs...Fernando Torres have been favourite for England club likes Liverpool, Chelsea and ManUtd but he is in doubt to come and sign for any of these club.Yeah personally, I like Torres than others and hope he sign for ManUtd in the coming future...But what about Giuseppe Rossi he is also a good and young striker and why don't ManUtd try him and see what happen, maybe it will be a good stuff rather than wasting money buying all the expensive striker...Even they would take time to persuade english football style...

What about your opinion ??

:D :rolleyes:
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