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Next two matches

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Away to Bolton and West Brom. If we win both of them I would be about 90% sure that we will win the title. For instance, after thos two games we have 3 home games on the trot soon after against the likes of Portsmouth, Blackburn etc, all struglers at the moment.

So I think the next two games are massive. If we even got 4 out of 6 it wouldn't be disastrous, maybe disappointing but we would still be in a great position, with Liverpool having to play Wigan away, Chelsea and the merseyside derby very soon.

So, if we win our next two it looks like we will be on our away to yet another 3 in a row.

:D :D :D
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With Rooney out I think we'll get 4 points out of those two tbh. Which isn't good enough really. But like it matters. The title race is over isn't it?
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