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Could be good news for Northern Ireland. :)

NI wait for Uefa's Spain decision

Nigel Worthington's side could get a back-door pass to the finals
Uefa has warned Spain they could be thrown out of Euro 2008, which may open the door for Northern Ireland.
Uefa may step in if the Spanish government tries to interfere in the election process of the Spanish FA.

Spain topped their qualifying group for the European Championship, with NI finishing in third place.

"Uefa and Fifa deal with these sort of issues very seriously. These are no empty threats - we will back them up," said Uefa spokesman William Gaillard.

"It is similar to 1992 when Yugoslavia was suspended and Denmark, who finished second in the group, came in," added Gaillard.

Denmark went on to win the tournament in Sweden after beating Germany 2-0 in the final.

Spain and second-placed Sweden qualified for this summer's finals in Austria and Switzerland from Group F, with Nigel Worthington's side missing out.


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Its an interesting one if it were to happen.
I think its quite unlikely but we all remember
what happened in '92 when Schmeichel's
Denmark went on to win the tournament.
Could be a glimmer of hope for the Northern Irish....

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Spain could be in real trouble, although, I think
they'll realise whats at threat and come to a
decision. But, Northern Ireland may not book
holidays because there is a very real chance of
them going to the Finals this summer. Hope
they do!

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Northern Ireland MUFC said:
We won't, but hey we deserve to be in more that you... :rolleyes:
lol, you have a point there......
but trust me things WILL change.....
Republic with Trappers in charge will be a force,
where as you guys will be back to square one :)
we can argue over this next year......

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would love to see spain kicked out for a couple of reasons
1. would show an example to other nations that uefa and fifa arent afraid to boot people from competitions
2. a few SAFC players a northern irish
3. northern ireland are the closest to us and a friendly nation(ish)
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