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Nicolas Anelka???

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We have been strongly linked in recent days with ' Le Sulk ', and Bolton W manager has admitted that Utd have shown an interest and that he will listen to offers for Anelka in the region of £10 million. What do people think of the prospect of signing a player that not only has so much obvious baggage, but has also played for Liverpool, Man City AND Arsenal??!!!!!!
Pretty debatable at the least, but IMO Anelka ( If properly managed and controlled by SAF, which he will be) Anelka could be a GREAT player for us, he obviously has mega talent and still has potential, I think he has the pace and talent and the potential/ability to score 30+ goals for UTD next season.
If SAF can get the best out of Keane / Cantona / Beckham then I feel Anelka would be no worse to deal with.

Your thoughts people?????
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I wud rather not with 10 million and then we raise further more funds ourselves we can sign sum1 hu is also on the sme calibure on him and has not played for arch rivals and also younger so i see no reason to sign him...i see him as a desperate signing and is rele a bak up of all bak up plans..we shud contuine to go by our ways of signing good YOUNG players
ahh i dunno he's a good player but i'd prefer to get another striker..i suppose i wud'nt mind us buyin him...but wat about saviola he's in the last year of his contract is'nt he(i'm not sure)
anelka is a decent player....i'd prefer him over saviola as the latter is pretty much like rooney...we need someone who can hold up play and is good in the air....and if hes costing pretty much the same as saviola, i'd rather go for anelka...yes, true...hes played for most of our rivals, but i'd like to see him as a temporary replacement tilll we get our hands on a decent young 30 goal a season striker....preferably a berbatov or a huntelaar...wat say??
well,you think anelka is better than rooney?it is unbelieveable,i don't agree with you,i think he is old ,although he have a magnificent time,but he isn't value for us,manu need a player who has a great future,if we have to buy one ,i prefer berbatov ,hehe,he has good skill and pace ,maybe karimi is also good for us.
yao, i never said hes better than rooney...all i said is...given an option i would prefer anelka over saivola...coz saviola is similar to point playing two players of the same style upfront....anelka can add variety to the hes an obvious choice over saviola...anybody would be crazy to compare anelka to rooney....yes anelka is quite old now...but we need him only for a season...till we get a better striker...i believe the funds left do not permit us to buy an et'o or y not stick to a cheaper option...who can yield if he could score 11 goals for bolton, he can only be better at united....
No doubt Anelka is a good player with some quality skills however he is one of Europes underachievers.

Liverpool and the gooners did not want him and yes he is in his just starting his "sterotypical" prime age for a striker.

Just would rather sell Smith or Saha and put our money towards someone younger like Huntelar or a proven talent like Villa or gamble on Torres or Saviola or maybe Etto.

Anelka is not right for me but I wont be too upset as he is hitting his best carrer part so there is sense in it but he is a massive underachiever. Still Cantona was nothing special till SAF got hold of him.
True. Bolton Chief said United dont want him so we got to keep looking. Saviola/Huntelaar/Eto'o ?????who knows.
nicholas anelka is nothing but a lazy journey man, ill feel sorry for yous lot if you end up getting him, hes been linked with nerly evry big team around (even celtic), so its probably just speculation
Ok lets get the facts straight...

Bolton board have reviled Man U Dont want Anelka and they wudnt sell him...plux if you guys say we need a target man and he is him then also a target man scores the 30 goals a seaosn which you want and anelka isnt a 30 goal a season striker and will score less and less as he gets olda...

Eto'o will not come its too much money to spend on our behalf, plus liverpool are going all out for eto'o so no ppoint trying...

Villa is way too much to pay so no point even looking at him...

Saviola is on potentially a free compared to wah els we have paid so far, so why not hav him as a cover as if rooney is injured, no1 said they have to play together, and if your getting a striker for realy the cost of nothing then wahts wrong with that...

Think on top of that you can sitll sign sum1 els...i wud say realistic targets atm r Huntelaar N Torres...
Dont Want Anelka at all. imo he will disrupt the dressing room and cause nothing but problems.
David Gill stated today that Utd are not interested in signing Anelka.
lads will sum1 tell me wat "IMO" means cos i dont have a feckin clue
Anelka obviously has talent, but i think his attitude is not for united. Correct me if I am wrong, but his introduction would mean too many big egos in the dressing room, he's not cut out for united, though he is a really good player
Anelka is very talented player. But somestimes he has got any problems.
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