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DIC rules out Premier club bids

Investment group Dubai International Capital (DIC) says it is not in talks about buying a Premier League club.

Reports have suggested that the investment arm of the Dubai government may bid again for Liverpool, while it has also been linked to Newcastle.

But a DIC statement read: "DIC is not involved in any negotiations to buy Liverpool and is not planning a fresh bid for LFC or any other club."

DIC failed with a bid to acquire 49% of Liverpool in March when the Anfield outfit's co-owner Tom Hicks ended negotiations with the company after months of negotiations.

The DIC statement continued: "Neither DIC nor any other Dubai based party is aware of any consortium or vehicle involved in a bid. DIC has not mandated PCP to act for DIC in any matter whatsoever.


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Lol. I like the thread title. ;)

Football gossip used to just be which club would buy which player but now it's which mega-rich person/consortium will buy which club.

I think DIC are probably still interested but the way talks have repeatedly broken down with Liverpool means they have probably decided to move on.

I doubt they would be interested in Newcastle though. That club is in a mess at the moment and Ashley reportedly wants £400m :eek:
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