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You make some good points, but we have gone to tough places like
Ewood park, Nou Camp and Stamford Bridge where it will be hard for
ANY team in World football.

You mention the gloves coming off....and I think they will. Playing at home
is the main reason. The Barca game and Hammers game are MUST win,
so we will play the United way, by attacking.

I think we need to see how this week pans out and then refer to your post,
which by the way is well written and contains some good valid points.

But if we win against Barca, then surely Fergie will have 'got it right' and in turn
throws your argument of defensive football out the window.
2 legs in this semi and its still all to play for.

We could always afford to lose to Chelsea, though not an ideal situation.

Fergie knows what he is doing and I have full faith in him.
If this week is disasterous then we shall look back at your post and agree fully.
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