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No silence to honour Munich crash

The game with Switzerland falls on the 50th anniversary of the crash

There will be no minute's silence during England's game with Switzerland on the
50th anniversary of the Munich air crash, the FA says.

England play Switzerland on 6 February, the date in which 23 people, including
eight Manchester United players, died.

"The FA has liaised closely with Manchester United over appropriate
arrangements," said an FA spokesman.

"Images of the players will be shown on the screens before the game and
England players will wear black armbands."

He also strongly denied newspaper reports any other types of tribute had been
scrapped because of worries about whether fans would respect them.

The game at Wembley Switzerland will be new coach Fabio Capello's first game in
charge of the England team.

Manchester United will mark the anniversary during their match with Manchester
City on 10 February where there will be a minute's silence.

United will wear a special replica of their 1958 kit on the day, devoid of the
players' names or shirt numbers on the back, while City's kit will incorporate a
black ribbon with their sponsor's branding removed.

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If this is a joint decision between the FA and Man United then I agree with it.

It's nice of the FA to offer to do something since the match falls on the anniversary of the crash but I don't think it's appropriate for the England fans to be involved.

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Completely the right decision as long as we have a minutes silence then thats ok.
Theres not going to be many united fans at that game and we all know the Englands fans opinions of ourselves so that is 100% the correct decision

Whilst i agree it's the right decision, lets not forget that some of the players who perished were also England players, so I would imagine the FA feel an obligation because England players died. Whilst I hate to credit anyone at the FA with common sense or even taste, my view is that they have got the decision right here.

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