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PeeJay said:
That made me chuckle.

Anyway, I say you two sort it out with a thumb wrestling match.
I do the best I can.

@Dwarf, your team I think would probably beat most teams, something about it, just appeals to me as being brilliantly constructed.

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PeeJay said:
Erm..he's not that tall - 6 ft. or a bit more, he has excellent
reflexes and he's playing for Italy in his age category. I think he'll
make it to a mid table Serie B side atleast.
Thanks for that.

His height won't be that big a problem if he has great reflexes imo, but I'll be looking out for him.

He's got a decent career looming if all goes well, even at Serie B level. What's the average wage in Serie B do you know?

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piazza said:
No former United players either!

Mine would have to be:

------------------------Del Piero

The only person out of position here is Totti really, but then again he played as a CF against Lazio like this; next to Vucinic with Baptista in support.

No Messi ... ?

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My favourite, current, non-United XI (not necessarily best):

Benzema - Huntelaar - Messi

Ribery - Giovinco - Essien - Schweinsteiger

Lescott - Carvalho - Sagna


Adler, Mertesacker, Fabregas, Young, Navas, Eto'o, Torres
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