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Hezzy said:
I agree to a certain extent. Players like Messi or Archavin would struggle in this league as it is simply to hard. In countries like Spain and Italy there is often a lot more space between the midfield and the defence. In England there is very little.

I disagree.

I think there's much less space between midfield and defence in Italy than England....... For that reason, techical players have advantage in Serie A.
On the contrary, where there are more free spaces, athletic players are to be preferred. And so is it in Premier League.

What you dislike about Serie A (huge tactics and slow rythm) I may dislike too, but it's the same thing that has made all the legends of modern football history: Platini, Maradona, Van Basten, Baggio, Del Piero, Zidane.
All of them made their career based on technic, something probably impossible in Premier League..... They're kind of players that represent the football in itself, without anything else. Other players may be very strong or powerful, but don't represents the football. Between them I'd put Kakà and Fat Ronaldo and C.Ronaldo.

Anyway, discours about spaces at part, in the original post there's something true.
I think it's question of tradtion....... moreover: a question of latitude. Warmer places make legs more nimble, something necessary for all the tricks with the ball
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