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Ladies and Gents,

It is my absolute pleasure to present to you a list of noteworthy threads within the Football Banter forum.

This list should hopefully save you some time looking through pages of post and also provide you with some good reads, as well as interesting interesting topics to comment on.

While going through the threads for the better part of two hours, it occurred to me how much I love the Football Banter forum and had a very good time digging up old threads and reading some of the posts from members past and present.

Some of the threads were started by members, who are still here and have probably already forgotten about them and some were started by members, who don't pop by so often anymore.

Anyway, I couldn't help getting nostalgic, so have a listen to my favourite Beatles tune, while you peruse the threads.

Some topics are more popular and there are several threads, but my fellow mods will forgive me for not merging them. :)

Hope you enjoy the threads!

Football Banter

Foreign Leagues

International Football

The Championship

RFR's News and Gossip Round up

General Premiership Results Thread

The Carling Cup Thread

The Champions League Thread

The F.A. Cup Thread

Threads about other clubs

The (let's laugh at) Newcastle Thread

Hull City the surprise

Tottenham thread

Keane Signs Players/Sunderland Thread

Stoke To Squeeze All Prem Teams This Season!

Too many Liverpool threads to list, but here's 2 popular ones:
Liverpool - Are they the luckiest team you've ever seen?

Threads about other players

Javier Zanetti

Is Wilson Palacios top 4 material ?

Ronaldo vs messi


shaun wright phillips

Del Piero

The Everything About John Terry Thread

The Luke Steele Appreciation Thread

David James' performance against Bolton ( James in general )

Kaka the best playmaker ( No.10 ) in the world

Karim Benzema

Rory Delap

Forza Gattuso!

11,207 Posts
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Other Football Banter Threads

Famous Footballing Quotes

Football Lookalikeys thread!

The Scouting Reports Thread

Who is the worst ever Premier League manager?

Injury tracker

Best / Favourite Stadiums

Who has the best attacking line-up in Europe?

Best Attack Ever

Know your enemy

Signing Of The Summer

Your guess on who will be the biggest flop !

How Peter Kenyon ruined the Ronaldinho transfer

Drink, Drugs and Cigarettes

Funny Football Quotes

Predict the final table 2008/09

Wayne's World

World's Best Player?

Your favourite Goal Celebration?

Team You'd Most Like to See Break Top 4

Steve McLaren and his new dutch accent LOL

Best Goals

Funny and surprising facts

Funniest Blog In The World....Ever

Famous Footballing Quotes

Quotes from Eamon Dunphy

Funny Football Pics

Funny Football Dives!

Football pundits

The best league in the world?

[URL=""]Jamie Redknapp the official slagging thread of the worst pundit ever!

The best/worst diver in the world of football?

Do You Fear For The Future Of Football?

Opposition Forums

Assist Must Count for Scoring Titles

Your Dream Team


Your Dream Team

10 Injuries That Players Would Rather Forget

Football Dinner Guests.

Funny things you've seen in football

Reality Bites. The Myth of those huge markets in the Far East.

Footballers nicknames

Nike Vs Adidas

International Break

Who is the best diver in football

Quiz Question:

Football Humour

Everything about Platini the Clown thread

Who are your favourite non-Man Utd Premier League players?

Your top ten fav. players who dont play for manchester united

Top 50 Players List - ManUtdtalk

Top Players

England - The Worst International Team on the Planet?

Which team do you hate most?

All Time Worst Team!

Worst Premier League XI

Best and worst Football moments

Name one player you really miss watching on the football pitch

Worst managerial decision

Goalscorers & Assists stats throughout Europe

Referees and ridiculous rules rant

Your top 5 Defensive Midfielders

Top 10 Premier League foreign strikers
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