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I was 17 years old and watched it in Keystones pub in Lancaster with a group of friends that included United and Liverpool fans.

The bar staff knew how old I was so I had to keep giving my mates money so they could buy me drinks!

As the game approached injury time I remember staring into my half empty pint glass totally depressed when I heard a loud 'COME ON!' from the people around me. I glanced at the TV and saw that we had a corner...

...what actually happened next is a bit of a blur. I can only envisage what happened on the pitch because of the number of times I've seen it replayed but the next thing I knew the ball was in the back of the net and there was total pandemonium in the pub.

My friends, United and Liverpool fans alike, were going mental and one of my mates jumped so high he cracked his knuckles on the ceiling and they were bleeding. I was seeing if he was alright and then glanced back at the screen just as Beckham whipped in the 2nd corner...


**** ME, I'VE NEVER FELT SO HAPPY IN ALL MY LIFE. It's difficult to describe the mayhem after the goal. I was getting hugged, kissed, slapped, pushed, beer thrown over me and I was hugging, kissing, slapping, pushing and throwing beer over people!

We stayed in the pub until closing time just talking about what had happened and how amazing it was over and over again and then piled out onto the street and walked home (2 miles!) singing and chanting 'UNITED, UNITED!'
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