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Liverpool and almost certainly Arsenal are now
out of the running in the title race ...

..... but does this give them an advantage in their quest for Champions League
glory (bearing in mind one will now eliminate the other?)

Which English side do you think now stands the best chance of winning the
Champions League with United and Chelsea likely to be chasing the Premier
League trophy until the beginning of May?

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Oh Carly, Carly, Carly.\

We all know the answer to your question- LIVERPOOL WILL WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

In Their Dreams :p


I reckon United will beat Roma- 4-1 on aggregate, and then go on to lift the Cup :) (Who are Barcelona)? :)

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Arsenal may well focus on how to get past liverpool instead of lying to themselves of still having a chance in the premier league title. the thirdplace is pretty much secured for them while liverpool still have to fight for the last champions league spot with everton breathing down their neck. personally i think champions league probably occupies a higher place than the premier league in wenger wish list, he would love to have the champions league title under his belt. So if arsenal can focus on champions league, they could be a threat comes may in moscow.
As for liverpool, champions league is all they can pursue. But there is a very big trap for them. if they still use the same old tactics in europe that has worked so well for them and try to secure a 0-0 with arsenal at emirates, they would be in for a big surprise, as i can see arsenal getting a positive result at anfield in the second leg. so liverpool will be knocked out by arsenal and then they can focus on the fourth place which suits very well to their status.
As for chelsea, if avram grant does not get his tactics horribly wrong over the two legs, they would be fighting with arsenal for a place in moscow. and it would b a tough one to call between chelsea and arsenal, it all depends on their form that particular days.
Barcelona will be too strong for schalke, even without messi, so i cannot see anything goes wrong with that match.
Roma and Man Utd, these two sides will know each other too well by now, and i would say both sides would pay some respect to each other. At the end of the day, the match winners in Man utd would make the difference, but it would be tough for us, so dun expect any big scorelines.
Between Barca and us, i hope the match would live up to expectations and provides great entertainment for all the viewers around the globe. for this match, barca fans would go for barca, while we would definitely go for man utd. but from a neutral point of view, barca would still be seen as the slight favourite because of the fact that they went all the way before and they know what it takes to be there. But i do believe this man utd squad has what it takes to overcome this barca team and be in the final
So it would be an all english tie in moscow, and of course man utd would come out on top, because we will be going into the match as english champions!!!

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As a die-hard United fanatic, I would obviously choose to go with The Red Devils to pledge my loyalty & belief to the club which I support through thick and thin.
However if ue ask me this question in the view of a neutral who don't root for any of the teams in the Uefa Champions League, I would go for Liverpool.

In the first place, they are certainly out of the running in the Premiership title race.
It's something not to rejoice for the BinDippers, but I would say that it's a blessing in disguise for the bloody Scousers'. They can fixed their mindset solely on winning the UCL. They could rest their key players in the team for the vital upcoming fixtures in Europe, to prevent them from becoming injured or exhausted & unleashing their full prowess against their opponents durin' those games.

Next, they possessed a master tactician in the elite european competition. That is, a certain Rafael Benitez. His ingenuity in Europe is simply immense, unlike in the Premiership. They share a common trait with Arsenal & that is, doesn't possessed a champion's mentality. In the league, there's a total of 38 competitive matches being played for every team and it lasts for approx. 10 months or so.

Whereas the Uefa Champions League consists of a maximum of 13 matches being played provided that they progress all the way to the final. And if some European powerhouses managed to qualify to the last 16 when all the matches in the group stages hasn't played yet, then it could be reduced to a possible 12 games. They could easily excel in that stretch of 12 games but do you think they could do that in the league? Deffo' not when they lacks the same consistency that champions (for eg. Chelsea & United) hve.

In that case, winning the UCL isn't a hard task for Liverpool IMHO. ;)

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Liverpool v Arsenal will be intriguing.

Arsenal have looked a better team than Liverpool all season up until the last few games. Before Liverpool got battered by United they were on a run of 7 wins. Arsenal have only won 1 of their last 7 games...but that was in the San Siro!!!

I'm really struggling to pick a winner from this tie. In close encounters like these it could be decided by a flukey goal off Carragher's backside ot it could be decided by who turns up out of Gerrard/Torres and Fabregas/Adebayor.

If I had to pick a winner I'd go for Arsenal simply because I believe that if they play to their potential there is no way Liverpool can beat them.
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