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enough with the negative comments lets be game how do we set up , who plays , whats tactics do we go with??

solve the do we go forward.
Actually i`m the one who invents problems, not who solves them :D

Nah seriously .. as some of our key players will be out, we`ll have to do with some of the young ones. I have got tremendous trust in them. Fergie has got 2 weeks time to evaluate the match and come up with sensible sorts out. We have to improve our possession, we have lost way too much of it, and that needs to be sorted out as its one of the main reasons we`ve caused defeat. We just need to make a consistent performance too, have to stay on our toes the whole 90 minutes of it not in in the last 30 minutes or so like today .. Or worse than that, starting very good and fading away as the minutes pass by. Another thing .. We just have to push forward more, we need to be more of a threat to the opponents. As the minutes go by, our opponents are getting more confident as they see that they`re getting thru with the passing and we ain`t responding.

I`m not getting into the team selections and all as for me this isn`t an excuse, as we should have what`s called depth apart from the fact that Fergie chooses his team from what he sees in the training and as i said in other treads, after his team selection, its up to the players to materialize their potential, Fergie can do nothing from then on. On any other day when they`re willing for the 3 points, they would have won with just the same selection against the same opponents.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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