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I have several old United matches and would like to trade with anyone who has any old Man United matches from 80s and 90s.

Man United Liverpool 01/01/1989 RETAIL
Man United Liverpool 03/02/1991 ITV
Man United Leeds Sep 92 SKY
Man United Liverpool Oct 92 SKY
QPR Man United Jan 93 SKY
Wimbledon Man United May 93 SKY
Man United Blackburn 26/12/1993 SKY
Blackburn Man United 02/04/1994 SKY
Blackburn Man United 23/10/1994 SKY
Man United N Forest 28/04/1996 SKY
M'boro Man United 05/05/1996 SKY
Tottenham Man United 12/01/1997 SKY
Liverpool Man United 19/04/1997 SKY

Norwich Man United 30/01/1994 4th Round BBC

Man United Gotherburg 14/09/1994 Group Stage ITV
Honved Man United 1993/94 1st Leg ITV 2-3

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If anybody wished to trade dvd's and sends anything to anybody via mail, they do so at their own risk and the forum will accept no responsibility for anything lost.
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