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"In terms of goals scored, is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the best substitute in English
football history?"

He's certainly the best in Premiership history.

(What ? - do you mean football didn't begin in 1992 ?)

Solskjaer has scored 17 league goals after coming off the bench, which puts him
comfortably clear of Jermain Defoe, Kanu, Andy Cole and Tore Andre Flo, each of
whom have 13.

In all competitions, Solskjaer scored 29 of his 126 United goals from the bench.

His first goal for United, in August 1996, came six minutes after he was introduced
in a home match against Blackburn......spookily, his last goal for the club also
came six minutes after he had come off the bench at home to Blackburn.

It is hard to say with absolute certainty that Solskjaer is the most prolific
substitute in English football history, as records from the pre-Premiership era are
less comprehensive.

His most likely rival, Liverpool's David Fairclough, scored either 18 goals (according
to the official Liverpool site) or 20 (various newspaper reports) as a substitute in
his time at Anfield.

Fairclough also played for Norwich, Oldham, Tranmere and Wigan but, in the
absence of cold, hard data, we're presuming he wasn't a substitute too often.
And he only scored three goals for them anyway.

Know of any substitutes that were more prolific than Solskjaer?

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carlyluvsunited said:
I think the time he come from the bench and score 4 goal in 12 minutes makes it hard for anyone to beat him really
In this day and age I can never see that record being beaten. Its practically impossible. I miss Ole too :(
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