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Spurs famously offered him the Royal Mint to come and play for them, he refused, stating that he was more than happy where he was and money was not an issue!!

Model professional, model player and unspoilt by all the success he enjoyed. Wish there were more like him. I understand he will be staying on at OT; thats his wish anyway.

I remember him coming on with 18 minutes to go at Notts Forest, we were 4-1 up and he scored 4 goals to finish up Forest 1 - 8 United. And who can forget his winner in Barcelona in 99.

The word legend is too easily attached to players these days, mostly unjustified, but the is one player who will always figure in the all time United greats.

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SolskjaertheLegend said:
Solskjaers Career in Photos Part 2.

And his dramatic injury time winner seals a 2-1 Champions League final win against Bayern Munich and an historic treble

Solskjaer scores 30 goals for club and country in the 2001/02 season, including a hat-trick against Bolton Wanderers

After missing the entire 2004/5 season following knee surgery, he returns against Birmingham City in December 2005

Solskjaer starts a match for the first time in 20 months, appearing against Burton Albion in the FA Cup in January 2006
great player

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Sir Alex Ferguson: "Ending your playing career is a sad day for anyone, in the case of Ole, he has 11 fantastic years he can look back on. Ole has achieved everything a player could ever wish to achieve."

"He has been a great servant to the club and has always remained a model professional in his responsibility as a player, in his demeanour and his manners have always been exemplary."

I agree:)

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I wish I could make words my slaves, and force them to come out in a way to capture even a fraction of how amazing this man is.

All I can do is smile and nod at all the comments, pictures, videos, and memories.

:( :)

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Solskjaer the perfect professional

Premier League Manchester United

by Phil McNulty - BBC Sport 28 August 2007

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer brings the curtain down on 11 years at Old Trafford with
one simple statement of fact proving his worth.

No-one - inside or outside Old Trafford - can muster up a single bad word to say
about the Norwegian whose boyish appearance won him the nick-name "The
Baby-Faced Assassin."

Solskjaer has caused many a curse from opposing teams and supporters with his
unerring eye for the target, or his uncanny habit of scoring the goals that win
matches, and on occasion trophies.

But once partisanship is removed from the equation, Solskjaer will receive nothing
other than praise or respect from every football fan.

In an era of big-spending and even bigger egoes, has there ever been a better
value-for-money deal than the £1.5m Sir Alex Ferguson paid Molde for Solskjaer's
services in 1996?

366 appearances and 126 goals later, it is difficult to come up with a better
transfer concluded by Ferguson.

At a time when many clubs, paricularly Liverpool, were having mixed fortunes in
the fledgling Norwegian market, Ferguson hit the jackpot in quite spectacular
fashion when he unearthed Solskjaer.

The highlight of Solskjaer's career will always be that winner in the 1999
Champions League final against Bayern Munich, capping United's dramatic injury
-time comeback.

But earlier that season he kept the treble bid on course with another late, late
winner against Liverpool in the FA Cup at Old Trafford.

This was Solskjaer in essence - maybe not a scorer of great goals, but a great
goalscorer and a scorer of priceless goals.

He was a better footballer than many gave him credit for, so much more than a
penalty area predator.

Indeed, it was his ability to flourish in a right-flank role that helped persuade
Ferguson it was time to sell David Beckham to Real Madrid in 2003.

Sadly, persistent injury problems meant Ferguson's theory was never fully put to
the test.

Solskjaer the player has been suitably decorated, his career well-chronicled.

But admiration is just as great for Solskjaer the professional.

Solskjaer has never put a foot out of place at Old Trafford, never caused
Ferguson a moment's trouble.

He has taken his place on the bench when he may have felt he deserved to be in
the starting line-up.

The striker made his point emphatically, but not with words or threats.

He responded by turning games too numerous to mention after emerging as a

And on one memorable occasion, he scored four times in the last 20 minutes after
coming on in an 8-1 win at Nottingham Forest.

And in a time when foreigners infiltrating our game are often portrayed as money
-grasping mercenaries, Solskjaer has displayed nothing but unswerving loyalty to
Old Trafford.

Contrast his demeanour with Gabriel Heinze, a player who never came close to
touching his achievements or affection at United.

Heinze attempted to engineer a move to arch-rivals Liverpool before eventually
skulking off to Real Madrid.

It was behaviour that would not have entered the head of Solskjaer.

It was loyalty repaid by Ferguson when he handed him a new contract despite
constant injury problems.

Solskjaer's retirment will sadden Ferguson both professionally and personally, but
he may yet return in a coaching or ambassadorial role.

And, knowing Solskjaer, he would continue to be a credit to himself, United and

What would it take for a Liverpool fan to say something
nice about United ? Maybe a miracle I think, lol.


Ole has them saying good things now.

Just goes to show how highly thought of he is all across
the game.

I copied some tributes from Liverpool fans on BBC Sport.

I think it's nice that he even make the enemy respect him !!!

I'm a Liverpool fan, but even we have to appreciate everything a
footballer should be and represent in Solskjaer. In over 10 years at United can
you recall any whingeing, moaning or bad headlines about Solskjaer.

He's a model footballer, and if only the likes of Rooney, Ashley Cole and Ferdinand
take note of what a footballer should be and not a tool to get their mugs in the
paper, England should be all the better.


He will go down as a legend at Manchester United and rightly so. Even as a
liverpool supporter, i can appreciate the man as a footballer and person. His
ability to get on with his job without compliant or moaning is a trait which I find
one of the most attractive in a footballer.

I wish him all the best for life after football? Maybe help Norway's fledging beach
soccer team =P?


Liverpool fan, but a complete professional, great buy and a great personality.

Ole is the model professional...


A shining example to many of the overpaid, overhyped and overinflated egos' of
other so called "professionals" in the modern game.

His unassuming, just quietly get his head down and let his football do the talking
attitude with be sadly missed.

I'm not a Man Utd supporter but a Liverpool supporter - and Ole WE salute you.


One of the premirships Unsung hereos as a Liverpool supporter he's caused me
to swear at the TV on many an occasion however you cant deny him for sheer
class its a sad day definately as I would have liked for a player of his ability and
class to have a "last season" rather than bow out premeturely Good luck for the
future Ole "super sub!"


I'm a Liverpool fan but Ole won't be missed just by Man Utd, but by everyone who
loves football. He is the true football professional. This is the guy the youngsters
should look up to and try to emulate. The game will be worse off for not having a
player like him now. Best of luck in the future Ole. I wish you all the best.


Another Liverpool fan here - just want to echo what's been said already.

Solskjaer in many ways a throwback to a previous era - a pure penalty box
poacher in the present climate of all-round, all-pitch bruisers like Drogba. A dying
breed, alas.

With his charm and easy going manner departing, United's squad looks poorer in
personality if anything - clearly Ronaldo, Rooney and 'I'm the man' Rio have learnt
little from Ole

I feel very sad today because of this :(

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ill miss seeing him play in the red 20 shirt again. he saved us so many times and didn't often start. he will always be remembered

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I think its a shame out of 2000+ members on here........

........only 35 can be bothered to make a nice comment

for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer !!!!! :( :( :(

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carlyluvsunited said:
I think its a shame out of 2000+ members on here........

........only 35 can be bothered to make a nice comment

for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer !!!!! :( :( :(
On the bright side, 35/35 active members said something :p

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Red Devil said:
Its the same with any forum, if you go through the members list, you will find a large majority have 0 posts.
Very odd to join a forum and say nothing !!!

Anyway we go off the thread with this so if they dont like to comment who cares - we can see who appreciates Ole and his efforts for us over the 11 years he stay at Old Trafford....x

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Ferguson: Solskjaer will coach Man Utd strikers

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is set to become strikers coach at Manchester United.

Solskjaer, who announced his retirement earlier this week, has been recruited as forwards coach by manager Sir Alex Ferguson and has already started work.

After just two goals in United's opening four league games, Fergie said: "It was interesting, because as soon as I told Ole I wanted him to help us with coaching, in particular with the strikers, he said 'It's okay, I've got all the DVDs'.

"He'd got our sports science department to get him all the DVDs of all the strikers - Carlos Tevez, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, all of them. So right away he was into it, which is fantastic."

Fergie admitted Solskjaer's decision to retire had not come as a surprise. The Norway striker had to concede defeat in his four-year battle against a knee injury.

"It had become a bit inevitable, watching him try to come back from his latest operation," said Fergie. "He realised he had given everything he could.

"Ole always understood a coach's job in terms of the difficulty of picking a team. He always understood why I sometimes left him on the bench. I never needed to explain why.

"When we played Spurs on Sunday, I told Chris Eagles and Dong Fangzhou, two of our young subs, to watch the game and I'd rap their knuckles if I caught them talking.

"They watched the game, concentrated on everything that happened, which is what Ole used to do. That's the legacy he's left us."
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