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As far as I found out this is the fixture of the August and September games for us:
Aug 17, 16:00 Old Trafford Manchester United v Newcastle United
Aug 25, 20:00 Fratton Park Portsmouth v Manchester United
Sep 13, 12:45 Anfield Liverpool v Manchester United
Sep 21, 14:00 Stamford Bridge Chelsea v Manchester United
Sep 27, 15:00 Old Trafford Manchester United v Bolton

And with this fixture Nani will miss the Newcastle game and the Pompey game.
The Olympic final is at August 23rd so Anderson will miss both the same game as Nani is missing.

The 3rd game we are playing in PL is at Anfield and hopefully we got a full squad but Ronaldo ready for that game September 13th.

Im not updated on the latest with Saha and Park. Maybe we're having 3 men missing for that Anfield game.

In September its gonna get really tough with back to back away games to awful teams.
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