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stretty said:
Am i just paranoid , i am worried about the start of the season.
No ronaldo Couldn't really care TBH
Nani suspended for two matches , lacking width. Loss but Fletch, Park.....
park still unfitWill gain fitness over the next few weeks , hargreaves unfitSame as park, will be fit in time IMO , anderson at the olympics.Biggest loss, but he's playing football so fitness won't be a problem
no sign of new players , we have to hit the ground running and cannot be trailing to the dippers and chelski.
my worries are we will be quite a few points behind before all our squad are back to full strength and with some big big matches early doors

If we can perform like we did in the first half against Espanyol, we have nothing to fear.

Key men for me are, Rooney, Tevez, Scholes, Ferdinand, VDS......

If they're on form then we will more then likely win...... answer your question, I'm not too worried about th start, I'm actually dying
for it to begin! :p

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I wouldn't be surprised if Fergie put Rafael on the riht wing for the Newcastle
game or the Community Shield game either...

....he may be a right back but he gets forward brilliantly....possibly allow Fletch to
play in the middle with scholsey...

Once we get through September with a 99% record then we will strive
on....getting past Chelski and 'pile are the two toughies in a row...

Lucky7 said:
I think Fergie will not include Rafael in the Formation for the First game..
It will be Fletcher who will replace Ronaldo on the Wing..
Also Campbell maybe will not start too..
Fergie Will Play Nani in the Wing.
Nani's suspended for his stupid lack of discipline last season against West Ham....
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