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Well, I wasn't worried a week or so ago when it was only Nani, Ronaldo and Anderson that would be missing.

I am a tad worried now though, its fair to say.

Definitely no Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani.

Looks like no Rooney (Sir Alex doesn't think he'll make it) Park (thought he might make it but theres no news on whether hes fit enough and if he is, he'll not be match fit) Hargreaves (Tendonitis and same as Park)

Neville and Saha shouldn't be a problem, as we didn't have them for the most of last season.

But lets look on the bright side. At least we have our strongest back 5 available :)

It may turn out to be good news though. Hopefully, a young player, for example, might get the opportunity to play and grab it with both hands. ;)

jd_united said:
A tactic SAF may decide to use is to play Mikael Silvestre at LB, and move Evra up to LM as he did in last years Community Shield and a few early league games until Silvestre's injury. We all know how good Evra is going forward and he could definatly in my opinion do a job for us on the left wing.
Thats exactly what I was thinking last night.

Thats probably going to be the best option for us, with the injuries.

I'm a bit worried about the Juve game tonight in all honesty :rolleyes:. Good job its only a friendly.
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