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Yeah I am quite worried too as these first 2 months are the hardest fixture wise...we got heaps of difficult away games early on (Anfield & Stamford Bridge) and plus we got to travel to Monaco to play in the UEFA Super Cup and we also have extra games in the Community Shield. At least for the 2 super cups we got Nani but in the EPL yeah we don't have Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson plus Hargo, Neville, Park and Saha are all first teamers who are all injured plus we haven't signed our "one" signing yet. I hope all of the players come back form injury asap (the same goes for Ronaldo).

I think we got a good enough squad to cope and plus we did have a bad start last season but I think we would all rather have us top of the table after 3 gameweeks instead of 3rd last lol
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