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Nice thread futbol, most of those opinions are interesting and they know their stuff. Bit worried about the referee though. It's surprising that they know Vidic is the best, considering Ferdinand gets all the hype.

Their attacking quality is frightening, even if you don't consider how shocking our defence is gonna be for this game. The game is in Ibrahimovic and Adriano's hands, I'm afraid, if they perform to even half of their ability then we're screwed.

I've heard big things about this Santon kid. But being 17 in a match like this is quite amazing, I'd definitely pepper his wing though and give him a thorough test.

Think Ronaldo + Evra vs SANTON.....
Doesn't work like that. You'll probably find it will be Santon + Muntari/Cambiasso vs Ronaldo, and all 3 if Evra is up with Ronaldo
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