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our midfeild will be key to the game, muntari especially since u can excpect him to help out santon to keep ronaldo quit, capitano will do the same in the other flank and cambiasso will be there to close all the spaces especially to berbatov and roony, while we all know il drago's work rate and he always tracks back and i can see him pressuring carrick alot inorder not to distribute the ball to there strikers, if we out muscle there midfeild which i think we can then we can win the game
Referee for the match will be a spanish one so ...

did little research, this spanish ref is notorious for screwing up games.

Gives almost 7 yellow card/game, 0.83 pk, gives loss time up to 10 min, and has average of rating of 4 from Marca.

Ref will be a big part on this game.
Park Ji Sung is my favourite ManU player. I will always love him for what he did to Milan. But he is a very weak player. I have seen him play quite a lot in CL with PSV. Shouldnt really be a threat. Physically very weak player. Would have easily gotten outmuscled had we gone with Viera-Cambiasso-Muntari midfield. Still I dont expect him to impact the game.
I questioned one user on their attacking power

Yep that's pretty much it. Although when Adriano plays with Ibra we get a different dynamic.
If he has a good game then we are all the more dominant and dangerous upfront. Whoever you lot have in defense has to be preprared to basicly face two Drogba's strenghthwise but with more creativity and flair.

Santon is a young kid but he has shown incredibly composure for someone so young. I don't know if he will get to start but I wouldn't bet against it, and I'm not worried with him not being able to handle Ronaldo as we will put two players on Ronaldo most of the time, so he'll have plenty of help.

How do you think you will cope without Vidic? I have seen a lot of your matches for the past two years and I know a ot of English folk like to attribute your splendid defence to Ferdinand but to me Vidic is the real leader at the back.
Yeh lots of individual battles to look forward to. Ibra against Ferdinand and Rooney against Cordoba should be interesting plus young Santon will most likely be up against Ronaldo.

Muntari has been used on the left side of midfield. He was playing well up until Chistmas, but since then his form has deteriorated.

I've been looking forward to this match since the draw was made and i am very excited but a little upset that my favourite player is unlikely to make such an important match.

Any updates on your defence? Plus who will you play in midfield? am i right in thinking Ronaldo, Carrick, Fletcher and Park?
What about a 4-3-3 with Ibra,Adriano, and Balotelli up front and Dek, Cuchu and Muntari in the mdfield. With Maicon, Cafe, Chivu and Zanetti in defense.
You know what, you remind me very much of one milanista, who was saying simmilar things, when Inter was getting better with every month, but he just didn't see it, and always said Inter will never win Serie A again and such.

This is 2 games, it's not the whole season. It's like Jose said, a competition of details, and a lot of luck. The problem is, that if we will indeed win, you will be wheeping in your home, and won't even come here. That's probably why people are kinda offended by a "season" visitors.

As for a respect, I don't see why anybody has to underestimate or overestimate either of us. It is just ridiculous. Everybody see Inter is a great team, we're getting the reasults, and Man Utd is a great team, and getting the results. I expect a good game, because of this reason, and that's pretty much it.

ps. Also I agree with this ManU talk. It's the first time I hear, it's beeing offensive, but even if it was, this is Inters forum, and we're used to this name, and I don't see any reason to change it because of one person.
no offense to you man utd fans out their but i dont see you guys winning any of these to games were simply just better and you guys looked like crap against blackburn
wow Ibra wants only the win, wow I love this Ibra, FORZZA IBRA FORZZA INTER, **** U MANU
There will be a lot of pressure on Ibra... Especially with Man Utd's defense at 40/50% strength. It'll be our finishing that will get us through... Ibra cant miss any sitters like he's known to do in the past. I'm pretty confident that Adri will be his strike partner and its obviously the same for him... I'd like to see him shoot a little more outside the box when he gets a chance...
If we manage to beat united if doubt it will be because of Zlatan. He will certainly be so tightly marked that he will be more or less invisible. His history at performing in these kinda game isnt exactly great either.

Its Adriano we have to put our hopes on, either to give more space to Zlatan and Stankovic or to simply score the goals himself. Much of our hope of winning relies on him peforming. Hope the terrible Bologna performance isnt an indicator on how he will play.
and...... just posted by another inter fan

Mourinho gave away his lineup in the Italian press conversation.

-------------Julio Cesar--------------

The 11th player will probably be Chivu, this was the only name he didn't mention.

Where is Vieira.......? And omg, Santon vs Ronaldo? I hope the best for him, but.....

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Yeah..... most of them havent seen us play since the Barca game last year. Ok heres what Ive come to know about them....

SANTON : 17yr old left back , more of a winger actually. Fancied by Mourinho and the fans. Although young and has less experience.

Thier Squad on and Samuel isn't in it.

Goalkeepers: 1 Francesco Toldo, 12 Julio Cesar, 22 Paolo Orlandoni.

Defenders: 2 Ivan Ramiro Cordoba, 6 Maxwell, 13 Maicon, 16 Nicolas Burdisso, 24 Nelson Rivas, 26 Cristian Chivu, 39 Davide Santon.

Midfielders: 4 Javier Zanetti, 5 Dejan Stankovic, 7 Luis Figo, 19 Esteban Cambiasso, 20 Sulley Muntari.

Strikers: 8 Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 9 Julio Cruz, 10 Adriano, 45 Mario Balotelli

Pretty much rely on Ibrahimovic for the creativity. And they think hes better than ronaldo. again "think"....

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Think Ronaldo + Evra vs SANTON.....

..Chivu played for Roma if Im not wrong. Hes the better one. We also have to look out for Maicon.

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Looked at your mood.... im doubtful too. But We could capitalise on one-on-one situations....
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