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red dave said:
Jesus thats assuming all them players make it !!

I dont see Foster being our number 1 now as for Wellbeck he has a huge future at United as do Evans , Possebon , Rafael and Fabio .

If we to look into the future Id say them players will be here in 5 years time as for the likes of Gibson , Nani , Simpson and Foster will move on in my eyes .

The reason I believe Foster wont make it at United is because I find the fact that when fit Fergie still opts to play the P.I.G ahead of him speaks out loud .

We dont see what happens in training and the goalkeeper coaches supply Fergie with the info he needs .

If Ben Foster was the world class keeper he was made out to be then Fergie would of surely brought Van der sar's career to an end this season .
You got a point. I mean, he isn't a hot prospect anymore..he'll be 26 in april and the number of the first team games don't pass the number of my fingers. Realy don't know what's gonna happen but i have realy big doubts he'll become the number 1 goalkeeper.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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