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If we're talking on terms of 5 years time I would say our starting XI would look something like this ...


Rafael Vida Evans Evra/Fabio

Nani Ljajic/Possebon Anderson Tosic

Rooney Welbeck

It's hard to say about some players, such as Tosic and Ljajic but they both look very good prospects, especially Ljajic. I don't think Darron Gibson will ever make it, he re minds me alot of Richardson and how people had high hopes for him, but I don't think he'll make the grade.

I say Foster in goal, hoping that he will one day be given his chance and he will shine. He isn't young anymore and would in fact be about 30/1 when this team was around, but thats when keepers are in their prime. I've kept Evra in there as he'd be something like 33 then and he may still have a chance of playing, I also thought about having Ferdinand in there but I think 35 may be pushing it.

The rest speak for thereselves, oh and I left Ronaldo out of there because I think it's envitable he will join Madrid in the end.
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