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future is vague?
let's say 5 years.

the thing is that if you don't see a player who is already here making it, then i wouldn't have a clue who to include instead. it's such guess work on who would be the next manager and who they would bring in.


so actually the only position i can't predict is goalkeeper. perhaps it will be PIG since fergie continues to pick him.
i really was excited for foster when he arrived, he looked good at watford and after he'd got over his injuries, he was showing real potential here. he was drafted in when everyone else was unavailable last year against derby and gave a real solid performance, but since then he's rarely been trusted.
as red dave said, it suggests something behind the scenes that fergie doesn't like. maybe he'll keep it quiet for long enough to get as much money for him as possible, then it might come out.

i'm gonna trust fergie's judgement on the serbian kids. i hope tosic nails down that left side slot in a way that nani has failed to do, and hope to see ljajic playing in a messi type role, coming in from the right, since that's who he resembles in the youtube vids.

i was also quite tempted to put fraizer campbell in as a right winger. i think he has shown potential for us, and certainly for spurs. but i don't see him dislodging rooney or welbeck any time soon. he's got pace, and a bit of trickery, and i can see fergie working on him in that position.
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