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Anyone noticed that we dont wear the usual stars badges on the shirts this season.

We have got one saying in big letters Champions 07/08 on it.

Looks good. Never realised we got to wear different badges as champions of europe as well


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i pretty like them i like things like that
although i dont think we should have 3 stars over our badge
imagin if real mardrid was to have all there stars lol it would take up the whole shirt
but anyway those arm bands are nice, like the prem ones which are gold :D

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Just ordered the home top with Berbatov 9 on it last week. Decided to go for the one without the badges but Im not so sure why now:confused:

Was between Berbatov and Tevez but I'll save Tevez for the Blue 3rd top (with badges) I reckon, when I can afford it, since he actually played a part in the final:cool:
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