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Rooneys_Temper said:
Left Back ,im a fan of JOS's work rate.I mean an out n out LB not just a fill the gap player.Also,i know we are winning,scoring ect but i think we should stop trying to walk it in all the time and drop the fear of longer range shots.Theres no harm in having a pop every now n then,i think Nani's was the last 'screamer' against the rams

BTW: before someone says we have Evra,yes i am aware but im talking a full LB replacement for times of need,not JOS
Yeah, we seem to want to walk the ball in a lot, the last few games before the last two matches we scored a lot of goals from crosses. But this is when evra is out we never creally create chances down the flank. The stats show this season that majority of our goals have come from the left side. So our weakness is like u said "we need a left back, not a fill gap player". I dont think we would have a weakness if if would get better and getting the balls down the byline and get in crosses and have someone in the box, last game we had a few crosses come through but only tevez was seen to be there and he is the smallest player on the pitch.

we really need left and right side players to ply more attacin interchange football. teams i feel understan that we are winning game easily wen we do this, and that why we resort to walng the ball in the net.
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