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It said on the teletex 2 days ago that Man Utd were interested in snapping up Owen for £5 Million now to bolster the squad, do you think this is a possibility and what do you think he will offer the team - if anything - or would he be a flop?

I think it would be good to get him but Fergie would probably loan out Welbeck then to compensate for him not getting first team action,
also i think it would be bad news for Carlitos,
however i think due to our better facilities and staff Owen - with a good run in the team - could offer us something new in the way that he's a small agile goalscorer,
but for reasons mentioned above and his age and injury proneness i dont think he would be worth it for more than 6 months or so.

What are your views?

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I would have thought it was a possibility prior to the emergence of Danny Welbeck. We could do with a goal poacher though. The only way I could see this happening is if Fergie looks for a cheap alternative if Tevez leaves.

I very much doubt it would happen, but if it did he could make a good super-sub for us, and I think he would pick up less injuries in a team where he didnt play every game because his body would be under less pressure.

But I think we would have much better options, including Tevez and Welbeck, than signing Michael Owen.

But as I say I really don't think it will happen and to be honest as a player, who admittedly still has something to offer and was great, but is aging and going downwards, I don't I'd want him here either and I don't think Fergie would to be honest

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He's still a tremendous goal poacher and I'm sure he'd get a lot of goals for us but he's injury prone, ageing, out of the England squad and, most importantly, a former Liverpool player.

Plus, £5m is way too much for him, especially since his contract runs out at the end of the season.
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