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Last season United gave hope to the rest of the Premiership by wrestling the title away from Chelsea. Prior to the 2006/07 season, Chelsea had looked an unstoppable force and with the addition to their squad of two 'world class' players, Ballack and Shevchenko :rolleyes:, it looked like they were odds on favourites to produce more of the same and win their 3rd title in a row.

However United played some devestating attacking, free flowing football and wrestled the title from Chelsea. That sort of football was recognised by all in the country, and no one could be-grudge United of winning the league for the first time since 2003.

Similarly this season United again have played some football that has been amongst the best in the league, apposed only by Arsenal's form up until February.

Surely Owen Hargreaves is right, United have played football the right wa, and the Manchester United way and in my opinion, deserve every sucess possible in the next two matches.
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