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To answer the question, no i dont think Park has reached his fullest ability. In order for us to see that, he has to start playing for the first team more often than now. Still, with no offense to Nani, with the amount of chances he had, i can see why he was chosen ahead of nani. His overall play remind me of Tevez and Rooney, another headless chicken in the house which always a good thing. What i notice this season about him is his improvement in his consistency level compared to last season, this may be i think he got more chances than he did the last time?

One thing that i like to see from him is some skill of dribbling. Well we have that in Ronaldo and we have that in Giggsy, even Nani can do it too at times but i've yet to see the typical winger type of dribble and tricks from him so far. He to me is too direct with his approach. Scoring goal is secondary seeing the fact that he is a winger, i would rather he have more assist to his name but of course improving on his goal scoring can always benefit us.

This remind me of an article sir alex was quoted to say leaving him out for the CL final is the most difficult things to do. Showed how highly he think of him.
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