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eoininho said:
Last season we never lost with him in the team, and thats probably carried over this year too... dunno about his whole career, we surely lost a game at some stage...

Ya cannot understand how that joke Nani is in the team ahead of Park... Nani was an absolute disgrace last night, he's taking forever for me to warm to him, how he remained on the field after last night I will never know, Fergie swhouldn't stand for that type of disgraceful performance, cares of no1 but himself!
he probably played the whole game ytd cuz we have no choice but to make 3 subs due to the injuries. his attitude and mindset sucks and he seldom passes the ball in the final 3rd of the pitch. got to improve loads and i can see the potential in him if he plays more for the team. if i were fergie, i would put park as the first choice as his selfless passings and runs are huge contributions and motivational to the team.
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