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My life seems to revolve around when United play.

If I'm not going to the game at OT, I watch it on TV. If it's not being shown on UK TV I find a pub with a dodgy cable/satellite feed to watch it in. If I can't find a dodgy pub I listen to it on the radio. If it's not on the radio I'm glued to Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports News and failing that I'm checking WAP on my mobile every few minutes for score updates!!!

Watching United live at OT is one of my favourite things to do in life. The whole experience - having a few pints beforehand, the nervousness before the kick off, joining in with the chants, watching the game, the highs and lows during the game - it's fantastic. When Old Trafford is rocking there is no place on Earth I would rather be.

Unfortunately, I can't compare it with a European away game because I've only ever watched United away from home twice - Prem game v Everton at Goodison in 1995 (I think) & pre-season friendly v Preston at Deepdale in 2006 - and on both occasions I was sat with the home support.
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