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Paul Scholes.............

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.............will be back in 3 weeks according to Fergie on MUTV.

He had some bruising to the ligament in his knee - he had surgery to correct the problem - and recovery will take 3 weeks.,


.......thats what I call good news :) :)
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united4ever said:
He is only appreciated by his fellow professionals and United fans. He is one of the greatest players I have ever seen and I am sure once he has retired, people will start to give him the praise he deserves. What a player.
Yeah other footie fans dont respect him as much as we do because they are stupid. If you asked a chelsea fan who was better scholes or lampard what do you think they would say? and the same with liverpool and arsenal fans prefering gerrard and fabregas.
Scholes is in a different league to those 3 players (especially lampard)
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