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Penalty Shootouts

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These are usually horrible to watch but since we lost to Arsenal in the
Fa cup in 2005 its been plain sailing. :)

We have won the last 3:
-Community Shield '07 vs Chelsea.
-CL final vs Chelsea.
-Community Shield '08 vs Pompey.

Do you think we are some kind of specialists? or we just have more bottle? or luck?

Notice Edwin's preparation for the penalties? He takes his time and comes right
to the edge of the 6 yard box, making himself look big and unnerving the
opposition players. I believe it was cos of him we won vs Pompey. He helped
make those players miss imo. Edwin will always go down as a legend for his
penalty heroics.
I would LOVE IT if we played and beat Madrid on peno's this season :D


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Its a great habit to get into and the team gain confidence at taking them while
the opsoition have that in their mind the fact that we have such a good record of

I noticed Edwins set up actually. Calmy walks and just slows everything down to
his pace. Takes his time, sets himself an dthen he's ready. All that with the fact
that he's a huge bloke and it must be a very intimidating site seeing him taking up
the goal in front.

Hopefully we can win more now without having to loose all our nails though from
now on, although it does fill you with confidence to know that we have some
quality penalty takers. My top 5 United penalty takers would be, in no particular


Future loos good!:D
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SolskjaertheLegend said:
I would rather Giggs take a pen than Saha.

Saha is actually the club peno taker.

If he's playing an dRonaldo's playing, he'll take the spot kick. Last time was
Chelsea he scored....

...I'm shocked at how cool Giggsy is at them TBH, in Moscow and at Wembley
were both excellent shots
Cappy said:
Say no to Saha for Kicks from the mark/penalties. He either goes left or straight ahead everytime!

Ronaldo/ Nani
Carrick/ Rooney
Giggs/ Scholes/ Ando
I'm one of Rooney's biggest fans and I simply don't think hes a good peno taker.
Aston Villa away last season. He's not what Id call peno material! :p...

When did Scholsey last actually take a peno for us? Was it the FA Cup final
against Arsenal or has he taken one since? Long time to not take one IMO.

Jazz 16 said:
But yeah the English have THE worst record in shoot outs in World football.
I cant imagine how depressing it must be to get knocked out of EVERY
tournament on peno's :D
Low blow, Jazz! Low blow....but I like it! :p

However....Spain 2002 :(

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Cappy said:
I agree with both points, Rooney does make me a little nervous, but i really expect it to be clicking in his head right now, and then he would do fine. He usually shines in big moments, that one against Villa was for a meaningless hat trick when the game was in hand.

And about Scholes, it has been a long time, but I don't think there is anyone I trust more than him with how level-headed he is and the incredible accuracy when striking a ball.

They're the only two players United have which IMO, are most likely to rocket in either in or over.

Not critising them , but I'd rather see Rooney and his volleys and Scholes and his 30 yarders. ;)

And if Edwins ever Injured, we should just stick Wazza in goals anyways! Or Sheasy! :p

I'd say Rio's a quality pen taker! Eh?
I just wanted to bump this thread again, since we won the Carling Cup on penalties, quite easily as well.
That's 4 penalty shoot out we have won on the trot, which is incredible.

Which players would you be happy to see taking a penalty?

We seem to have a lot of experts.

For me it would be Berba, Ron, Roo, Tevez, Giggs, Carrick, Hargo, Ando, Nani, Fabio and Rio.
Thats 11 players Id be happy to see step up to the plate. Im probably forgetting 1 or 2....oh yeah Tosic I guess.

What do you guys think?

Berb - Not sure I've seen him take a pen. Say he'd be as cool as a cucumber! :laugh:

Not sure about Roo, not really known for pen's...I remember a shocking one he took away to Villa when he could have sealed a hat-trick....

I just always think back to that FA Cup final...and loosing to Arsenal. (Mind you...Roo scored in that)...Oi......biggest injustice of football! :(

And I wouldn't bet against a shootout against Inter next week....:eek:

Imagine....5 shootouts within a calendar year!! Crazy!
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