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Penalty Shootouts

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These are usually horrible to watch but since we lost to Arsenal in the
Fa cup in 2005 its been plain sailing. :)

We have won the last 3:
-Community Shield '07 vs Chelsea.
-CL final vs Chelsea.
-Community Shield '08 vs Pompey.

Do you think we are some kind of specialists? or we just have more bottle? or luck?

Notice Edwin's preparation for the penalties? He takes his time and comes right
to the edge of the 6 yard box, making himself look big and unnerving the
opposition players. I believe it was cos of him we won vs Pompey. He helped
make those players miss imo. Edwin will always go down as a legend for his
penalty heroics.
I would LOVE IT if we played and beat Madrid on peno's this season :D


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Jazz 16 said:
If go along with these guys you mentioned more or less.


Nani and Anderson scored in the CL final under extreme pressure so we can rely
on those two. Id also be happy with Scholes, Rio, Saha or Rooney taking one.
I pretty much named the whole team there didnt I? :rolleyes:

One thing is for sure, we got options.

I wouldnt really trust Saha with a penalty. He just strikes me of a bit of a bottler (celtic away anyone?)

Nani I would be worried about aswell. I know he scored in the CL but if you watch it again it was very, very lucky to have gone in, Czech seemed to palm it in his own goal.

I actually think VDS is very overrated at saving penalties right now. I know he saved Anelka's but he should have also saved Lampards and Cole's pens aswell. Plus Defoes on Sunday was very savable.

Hargreaves is a brilliant penalty taker. Wsn't he the only 1 who scored vs Portugal in the WC?

I seem to remember Sven saying he was our best penalty taker aswell.
I think the reason Hargreaves is so good at penalties is because he lived in Germany for so long, and they never, ever, miss penalties.

When Hargreaves scored that pen in the CL final it was strange because although it was an amazing pen, the commentator was like "ooh just!...just".
I think when it comes to actually saving penalties Reina is much better than VDS, but VDS is brilliant at the psychology side of it.

I was watching 'Live phone in with Arthur Albiston' yesterday on MUTV and what he said was true, if you notice before VDS goes on the line he walks up to the penalty taker then moves backwards slowly, making him look a lot bigger.

He also told Anelka which way to go in the CL final, but it was a bluff and he went the opposite way, and well the rest is history :D .

If VDS was as good at the psychology in his prime as he is now he would be the best penalty saver in thew world by far. Unfortunately his reflexes aren't what they used to be thse days, otherwise he'd have saved Cole's, Lampards and Defoes penalties.

I remember Barthez I think it was who used to bang his boots on both the posts to try and put the taker off aswell, that worked sometimes.
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Jazz 16 said:
yeah the psychology of it all is so important. I think I mentioned it in my first post.

Did VDS really bluff Anelka? I hadnt heard that before. Genius lol :D
Yeah he pointed and told him which way to shoot.

Here's a link, you'll 'have' to watch Giggy's pen first though.

Watch VDS point to his left just as Anelka steps up.

Its funny how if he hadn't of saved it he would have gone down as 'a very good manutd keeper' but as it is he will always be a legend now, second only to The Great Dane (I can't spell his name lol)
Random fact but I have NEVER watched my side miss a penalty shootout.

A lot of the time I go in the other room as I can't bare to watch, and everytime I've done that we've lost.

I went upstairs when we had the CL final shootout, then as I walked across the landing I heard "Chelsea are on he brink", so I thought we had lost, so I went down to see it, and the rest is history.

Part of me thinks Its partly due o me that we've won so many. I bring good luck ;)
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