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Hi guys

Does anyone know who pete boyle is? When my friends come over they go to the bishops blaize (i think) and see him there and say he is great and gets the atmosphere going.

I haven't been to Old Trafford yet but I hope to see him when I go.

Have you got an opinion on him, what does he do exactly?

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Born in Withington and raised in Altrincham, Pete has been a United supporter all his life. Attending his first game in 1977 he has been a regular at Old Trafford since then, attending all away matches since 1982. Most of the songs that are sung on the United terraces are composed by Pete, the latest of which is the John O’Shea chant. He has had 5 albums of songs released so far, with the O’Shea single out in March 2004. Pete believes that United has the best range of songs and the most original, in the whole of the Premiership. His favourite player is Eric, with Jimmy Greenoff running a close second. He thinks that by being a Patron, he can help to keep the club independent.
Hope this helps.
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