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Petition against 39th Premier League game

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If you're against the proposal to have a 39th Premier League game played in foreign countries then please sign this petition.

Be careful what comment you put though because all comments are being forwarded to Premier League clubs and the Premier League.

I signed it and have had automated reponses from Birmingham City, West Ham United and the Premier League to say my comments have been received.

EDIT: This is the email being sent to the clubs...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to protest at the Premier League's proposal to play a 39th round of foreign fixtures. In proposing to seed these games the Premier League has shown beyond doubt that it is more interested in making money than the integrity of the country's top league competition. The idea shows a total lack of respect for the game's supporters and those of other domestic leagues world-wide and I strongly urge all Premier League Chairmen to reconsider this ludicrous, insulting and greedy decision. NO TO GAM£ 39. I request your views on this message in accordance with the appropriate Fans' Charter.

I also wish to state: <insert comment>

Many Thanks,

The Football Supporters' Federation on behalf of <insert senders name>.

Just got a response from Man United...

Thank you for your email, Any decisions on the future structure of the Premier League are for the 20 member clubs to decide as a whole. Clubs have given the Premier League the authority to examine the idea further. No decisions have been taken. Regards, Manchester united enquiries.
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