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Phil Neville: Liverpool boss Rafa ‘cannot outwit Alex Ferguson'

You gotta love our ex-Reds.

They're still loyal to the cause.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Phil and THAT own goal in 06/07! :D

PHIL NEVILLE has relished the row between Rafa Benitez and his old Manchester United boss, Alex Ferguson.

But he believes the Reds boss is wasting his time trying to outwit the man he believes is “the king†of mind games.

The Everton skipper has revelled in the verbal volleys tossed between the two title rivals, and he said: “I think these things are absolutely brilliant for football – it's what sets our league apart from any other league in the world.

“You don't see Spanish La Liga managers doing things like that.

"It's fantastic viewing from the outside and it's going to be a fantastic end to the season, I'm sure.â€

But Neville sent a warning to Benitez that he is taking on an unbeatable foe in his former manager.

“I don't think you can beat Sir Alex at mind games,†he added. “Experience is a great thing and when you're going for titles ou need experience and he's the king.â€

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lol and steve bruce agrees :D

Sir Alex Is The Master Mind

Steve Bruce insists no one beats Alex Ferguson at mind games. Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez sparked a war of words with Fergie when he launched a stinging attack on the Manchester United chief last Friday. But Bruce, who played under Ferguson at United, says his old gaffer will always win any psychological battle. The Wigan manager declared: “How do you take him on? You don't. I think that is the motto. He is fantastic at what he does and there will never be another. I can't pay him compliments high enough. How he has managed at that level for so long and what he has done is quite remarkable. He still has the hunger for the fight and that is there for everyone to see. You are born with that. A lot of people have tried to take him on. But people forget he always has a very good team up his sleeve to back him up. The results tell you that. He is convinced he has the best players.â€{C7DF7CEC-3BC3-4859-A3FD-FE4AAD215DD8}&newsid=6625146

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Do not take on the mighty Sir Alex at mind games. He will destroy you!

I couldn't help but laugh at the chant coming from the Stretford End last night...

Rafa's cracking up,
Rafa Rafa's cracking up!

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RedForceRising said:
Rafa couldn't outwit abojodeh at connect 4!
I was gonna say that, but I've decided to take it easy on poor Abo. :p There was another person I was gonna say as well, but I figured he'd call the waaaaaaaaambulance. His name rhymes with Fred Grave.
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