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cheers RFR, some nice snaps, and i love that song. as we get into manchester on matchday, it's a tradition for me and my mates to blast this out the windows.

just to clarify, is tosic the one with short, dark hair?

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Rooneys_Temper said:
The last 8 posts on here make no sense on a quick read............oh well im sure its all fun

Agreed. now sorted.

Wazza1989 said:
nice pics...they both look more like some fans who have been granted a permit to have some pics with the players and the manager:)
Exactly! :)

They seem a bit star-struck don't they. I mean, they were probably playing Man Utd on FIFA09 and the next day they were taking photos with berba and Giggsy.

How immense is that? and it shows on their faces man. They're trying to be cool, but they are pleased as punch!

Who wouldn't be? It's man united, baby!!!! :)

Hope Ljajic fulfils his potential man. that would be so sweet, if he could dance around premiership defenders the way he does in those YouTube videos....I know, I know... it's YouTube, but still....I can dream...
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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