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Pictures of uefa final

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marty davidson said:
rangers should not be aloweded to play eroupe ave again
because 199,000 fans were superb, under 1000 were bad - why ban us from eu? if anyteam should be - zenit should - why? Pitch invasion at the end - Barca 72, rangers fans done that and were banned for 2 years - zenit?

No, no team shoul db ebanned (above was an example) - fact is, you cant control a few mindless stupid idiots who wear a colour be them from pitch invasion in zenit to those thugs who fight in manchester wearing blue.

true fans, never fight.
Camping out all night at the UEFA cup final

I call this

Camping out all night, at the UEFA cup final

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Clarky101 said:
lol i slept in that train station last year when we had lille at home. security always tried to chuck me out, good times

does anyone else think the uefa cup is the worst looking trophy in world football today or that just me?
lol - police came through but were nice to people, just chatted away, and didnt try throw anybody out. Then riot cops came in but THEY were told to leave by the normal cops and the BTP and they did walk out to a huge "yey" from the people there.

Never any trouble in there

As for the cup - yeah, i do agreee that it does look abit bad. Need a re-design. Like a cross between the champions league and the premiership one
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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