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How long must Chelsea put up
with Drogba's arrogance?

I''ve never met Didier Drogba, the man Chelsea have just fined £100,000 for his latest outbreak of insubordination.
I was supposed to, in the week before Christmas, conduct a GQ magazine interview.
He'd agreed to do it. In fact, he went further and stressed how much he really, really actively wanted to do it.
Drogba's PR lady called several times to re-affirm his commitment and stress that all we now needed was to firm up a specific time and place before Santa arrived.

So I waited. And waited. Many more calls were made but answers came there none. He had to dash to Paris because his sister was sick, he was training, he was on his way to Everton, he was coming back from Everton, he was Christmas bloody shopping.
Until eventually the excuses ran out and there was just a prolonged period of silence. I was left to assume for myself that the interview wasn't going to happen.
So I ended up spending one of the busiest weeks of the year hanging around for the jumped-up little prima donna. And even the courtesy of a final message saying he had changed his mind was beyond him.
It's easy to dismiss this as typically selfish footballer behaviour. But they're not all like Drogba. Ryan Giggs, for instance, turned up early for my interview with him and could not have been more helpful or considerate. Nor, and this may shock you, could William Gallas.
Now, I fully understand that me being dicked around like this might strike you as quite amusing. Particularly if you're a Chelsea fan and know my Arsenal allegiance. But that's not really the point.
What this episode showed me is that Didier Drogba is just a very self-centered, arrogant, thoughtless and rude man.

Something that will not come as news to his Chelsea colleagues, who have just had to endure yet another of his regular self-serving rants to the media - this time in the now rather costly interview that he did manage to turn up for, with France Football magazine.
It was the usual whining Drogba stuff. He moaned about the club not being supportive when his grandmother died, despite the fact they laid on a private jet to fly him home to the Ivory Coast.
He criticised his manager, Phil Scolari, for not playing him with Nicolas Anelka, when everyone else can see they don't remotely suit each other as a strike duo (and, more to the point, that Anelka is the one scoring all the goals at the moment).
He sighed that he lost his love for the game and Chelsea after last season, a year in which his team would almost certainly have won the Champions League if he hadn't got himself sent off in the final just before the penalties started. (After which, ironically, many Chelsea supporters lost their love for him).
We've heard all this nonsense, in endless different varieties, from Drogba many times before. He's like one of those ghastly office nerds who never stop complaining about the size and quality of the paperclips or the performance of the coffee machine.

Things that go wrong are never his fault, it's all the idiots around him who keep screwing up. An attitude that wouldn't be quite so objectionable if he hadn't brazenly admitted diving, repeatedly said he wants to play for AC or Inter Milan, Real Madrid, or Barcelona (take your pick - Drog's not fussy about where he lays his woollen gloves), and generally sulked, grimaced, flounced and preened his way around Stamford Bridge for the last few years.
Like that equally unedifying upstart, Cristiano Ronaldo, his first loyalty is to himself and his wallet. Both these men are brilliant players. But what price their stupendous egos to that most valuable of football commodities, team spirit?
Drogba's team-mates were reported to have shouted abuse at him during a dressing- room bust-up last week. And who can blame them? At a time when Chelsea need 100 per cent commitment from every player, their top striker is, again, publicly slagging everyone off and behaving like the spoiled brat they all know him to be.
It must absolutely sicken men like John Terry to have to put up with these constantly unsettling histrionics from their supposed 'main man'.
Drogba says he is looking forward to a 'nice surprise' in 2009, hinting, yet again, that he might leave.
I think Chelsea should give that surprise to Drogba early by selling him in the transfer window to anyone in the market for a gifted, but perpetually griping narcissist.

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Hahaha well i despise both men in question and i can see the funny side,but yet again it shows this fantasy world that footballers live in thinking they are above everyone and everything *cough* gerrard ..........Drogba will leave soon i imagine.
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