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Gerard Pique is delighted he chose to stay with Manchester United this season.

The young Spaniard was wanted by Real Zaragoza after starring for the Spanish Liga club while on-loan last season.

"I am pleased that I will be staying. Since coming back from being on loan I just wanted to stay here and try to play," Pique told the Manchester Evening News. "I am not playing a lot at the moment but I am feeling confident I can work and find a place in this team. The defence is working well and the team is doing well so it is difficult to break into the team. But every time I have the chance I will try my best.

"Just to join the team and be on the bench is a nice experience. I am just working to be a better player and hopefully start some games as well.

"When you are young every season is crucial. At this age every year you have to grow up as a player so every season is crucial.

"It is important this year but no more crucial than others. It has the same importance."

"It was nice to hear the manager say I was one of the best players against Coventry," he added. "But I always think of the team first and we didn't play well. It was a horrible night.

"We have to forget that now. If not and you continue thinking about that game then you will just go down and down. It is not good for you.

"You have to forget and if you start another game you just have to do your best."
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