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ENGLAND'S hopes of staging the 2018 World Cup were savaged last night by one of the most powerful men in world football.

In an astonishing attack, FIFA vice-president and Concacaf chief Jack Warner condemned the FA as arrogant, faceless and isolationist.
Warner launched a calculated broadside on the eve of England's match with his native Trinidad and Tobago side here in Port of Spain.

And the controversial multi-millionaire pulled no punches when he assessed England's chances of staging the sport's greatest tournament for the first time since 1966.

Fabio Capello flew his squad to the Caribbean as part of their FA's centenary celebrations.

But the Soho Square hierarchy were happy to make a financial loss on the trip in order to court Warner, a key figure on the 24-man FIFA executive committee that decides who will host the World Cup.

However, those hopes look to have been torpedoed by Warner's latest outburst.

He said: "There have been so many changes in the leadership of the FA that nobody knows who the leader is.

"There was a time when Graham Kelly was in charge and everyone knew who the leader of the FA was.

"I'm not being critical — I am just saying that everyone must know who the chairman of the FA is, who the secretary is and who the chief executive of the FA is.

"Who is the chairman? Nobody knows.

"At the recent FIFA meeting, I was hoping to see the chairman, Lord Triesman, but of course he was ill. That is not fault of his but nobody knows the chairman.

"Now the chairman isn't coming to this game because he is having an operation. That is not his fault.

"All I am saying is that you have to make the FA's leadership household names.

"Don't assume that just because you are the FA you have the right for people to give you anything.

"So what they have to do is find the means to divert people from the belief there is a kind of arrogance in England.

"Whether that is a perceived arrogance is not important - it has to be removed."

And Warner says the Soho Square chiefs need to learn from the mistakes of their failed 2006 bid — and fast.

He said: "The FA have to do so many things differently compared to the 2006 bid. They have to find the means to be reintegrated into Europe and especially into UEFA.

"There are times when Europe regards England as ‘that country over there' and when it suits them they include it as part of Europe.

"So England has to come into UEFA. There is one organisation that represents European football and you have to have friends there."

Amidst his withering assessment of England's chances of hosting the World Cup in 2018, Warner claimed the FA have only one ace up their sleeve — David Beckham.

Beckham and Rio Ferdinand took part in a coaching clinic for local children in Port of Spain on Friday night, much to the delight of the Trinidad FA.
Warner said: "England have to make sure they use Beckham as an ambassador to meet and influence people.

"Beckham is a worldwide icon. There is nobody in the world today who can rival him.

"Let him do for England what he did for London's Olympic bid."
Then Warner turned his attention away from the FA and let rip at the Premier League, particularly chief executive Richard Scudamore.

And again he was damning in his condemnation, especially over the botched attempt to auction off a controversial '39th game'.
Warner, 65, added: "Let me tell you something, that 39th game might not have been a bad idea.

"It may have been announced too early, it may not have been explained properly but it might not be a bad idea after all.

"I am sure when it is properly explained, people will have second thoughts about it.

"If Scudamore had done his job properly and talked to FIFA and UEFA, and then announced it, fine. But he came like a thief in the night."

Yet Warner, for all of his outspoken criticism of the FA and the Premier League, is a massive fan of the game in England, even if he will be supporting the United States' potential bid for the 2018 tournament.

He added: "England has the football history, pedigree and infrastructure. You name it. There are few countries today that you could say can hold a World Cup and should have it tomorrow. England is one.

"But I say that if the US do make a bid, with regret I will support the US. If the US do make a bid but lose in the first round, as they may, then I will go to England."


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This man was accused of corruption was he not, just a few years ago in that BBC panorama thing? There is no-one more deserving of hosting the World Cup than England. It's been 40 years already, and others have hosted it more than us.

We wouldn't even have to do much work to get things ready. Our stadiums are up to the task, and by 2018, Chelski, Loserpool and a few other teams will have bigger and better stadiums.

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jerrakos said:
In Aus it is in the paper all the time how we are gonna make a bid to get it.

And we want the Club World Cup.

Football, which most call soccer here is really growing and more people are gaining interest.
yeah i was watching some aussie football few weeks back. seemed quite interesting.

anyways the title of this storyline is a bit much. i think the man made some fair and honest comments, most of the fa are fools, they do make mistakes and yes english football is the best in the world and has the best heritage

sounds like pros and cons to me

o and id hate for it to be in america, to much traveling from game to game

Jack Warner is the most corrupt man in football.
I remember watching a Panarama show or something
like that a few years ago that showed that he makes
money off selling tickets through a front company.
He also is probably THE most powerful man in football
because he controls around 10 votes when it comes
to voting for FIFA president.
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