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I would like to see this line up with toni and Nani on the bench!

_______________De Gea___________

Rafael___Smalling___ Evans____ Evra

________Cleverley__ Jones___________
Januzaj ________________ Welbeck


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ok, since they didn't play in the cup, would like to see Fellaini, Kagawa, Nani, I guess Rio (with Evans) all start

-e- or Jones Evans CB with Fellaini Clevs CM. Or, vidic evans, jones in the middle, no clevs, etc.

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De Gea
Rafael Jones Evans Evra
Cleverley Giggs
Valencia Hernandez Januzaj

With all our injuries It'd be a good time to try Fellaini in the position further forward that he used to cause damage with at Everton.

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Manchester United manager David Moyes says striker Wayne Rooney may play against West Ham this Saturday after nursing a groin injury......


Read the full transcript from David Moyes' Manchester United press conference ahead of the West Ham game.

How pleased have you been with last three games?

Very pleased, three very good wins and clean sheets as well so I’m really pleased. The players have played well and really happy how they are doing in recent weeks.

Getting into their stride?

I think they are getting into their stride and hopefully this is the way it goes, in the future this is what we want. It is normal here and we are trying to get back normality as we possibly can.

Wayne got any chance?

He has got a chance and we will see how he is tomorrow.

Injuries you have had, players come in and done well?

The players that have come in have done really well and that’s why there is such a good squad. Throughout the season with the amount of games we have to play here, you do need those extra players. In the last couple of games we have been a little bit short in areas but the players who have come in have done brilliantly. We have needed the whole squad, we really have. Bringing back Darren Fletcher has given everybody a lift and for Darren himself to get a couple of games and come on is great for him.

Goals coming not only from strikers?

We want the goals to come from everybody. We keep telling them that we need as many goals as we can from all different areas. Hopefully you get your majority from strikers throughout the season but it was good the other night that Ashley got himself a goal and Pat Evra scored a really nice goal as well.

Cardiff situation?

I certainly have sympathy for Malky Mackay. It certainly can’t be a decision about football because he has done everything correct with the football team. He has prepared them right, he got them into the premier league, he has made them competitive, he has a stadium and crowd right behind the team. What any manager wants to do is improve that and he recognises that if he doesn’t continue to improve Cardiff then it could be tough. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but I can tell you that it has nothing to do with football. He is doing a great job.

Stability brings success and it is the best way for managers. Not always the way clubs go but from my experience my bosses have all believed in stability and I certainly do too.

Winter break?

We get asked that questions every year and I don’t know how much it matters now because we give an answer. I always thought the first week after January off for the players and maybe we could start back the following week. The Christmas games are traditional and be very difficult to change that. I think as parents and people who have families, we would like to be at home at Christmas but when you are involved in football you know you have to work at Christmas time. I do think that a week off after Jan would be good for the players, refresh everybody.

Would a win make OT less nervy?

I’ve never found Old Trafford nervy. I’ve found it a brilliant place to be. I found it the opposite. The crowd and support is fantastic. We have to get winning and score a few more goals.

I will look at Zaha when we get into January. We have a few injuries and he has been in and around the team in recent games so will assess it nearer the time.

Nani has a hamstring injury so we are worried about that. It looks worse than we hoped. It might keep him out for a few weeks.

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.....hah just found out we are watching this with a family friend, who happens to be a west ham supporter.....have to say i don't think I could ever watch a game in a house full of other-club supporters!

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You guys saying it'll be easy.. west ham gave us a hard time twice last season. I was glad to avoid them in the cup (as city were probably happy to avoid Sunderland)

We'll win, but it'll be a tough game. They just beat Spurs too (who we drew too..)
West Ham for some reason believe they're rivals to us, they will sweat blood in this match, mark my words. This will NOT be easy.

Just for the record - I f*cking despise them.
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