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I will withold my prediction until I see tomorrows match. Don't forget the Gooners beat us twice last season and we were playing better then defencively. If a poor team like Boro can score against us then the Gooners surely will. Still with Rooney/Ronaldo/Tevez/nani and hopefully Evra I think we can get a result.

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insists his side go into Saturday's showdown
with United on the crest of a wave, following Sunday's draw with Liverpool.

The Gunners dominated at Anfield, but needed a late Cesc Fabregas equaliser to
claim a deserved point. Wenger insists that, having come through their first
major test of the season unscathed, Arsenal are ready for another challenge this

"We have come out of our first big test this season stronger," he told Sky
Sports. "We played without the handbrake on, without any restrictions and we
were faithful to the game we wanted to play.

"I cannot fault anyone, it was a fantastic game. Manchester United is another big
test, but after this performance we will be facing United much stronger."

Sunday's point took Arsenal back ahead of United at the summit of the Barclays
Premier League table on goals scored, and Wenger insists his side have already
proven their worth as genuine title contenders.

"I have always been very confident of what we could achieve this season," he
said. "I said it before the season started and now we have convinced a few more
people.There is a long way to go, but we have the talent to fight right at the top
for the Championship."

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arrrrrghhh - i really hate these games... i have no problem watching us play chelsea or loosers, but arsenal are so unpredictable...full of players that are technically great, with great pace also... one moment you're thinking, they're down and they hit you with a counter attack.. they passed the maturity test at anfield this sunday.
i think ronaldo could be a player to watch. he has a lot to prove considering he was kept quiet both at OT ( although he was one of our best players at OT, he did give away that crucial ball to cesc) and emirates last season...

4 of driving down to Emirates Saturday morning. Parking car and travelling last few miles by tube. Anyone know good pubs where United fans will be?

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Why we can win at Arsenal.

1. The pace of Rooney, Nani, Ronaldo and Tevez
2. The understanding between Rooney & Tevez
3. The hunger and determination of Hargreaves, unsung hero of the boro game
4. Vidic and Ferdinand have a good game
5. The Arsenal defence have not actually been "tested" yet this season, nobody has put them under sustained pressure.
6. We are not afraid of them, many teams play them negatively, and pay the price, we will go there and attack.
7. We can and do score goals from throughout the team, even if Rooney & Tevez are marked out of the game, we can get goals from elsewhere.
8. Arse defence is tall, so we play them on the ground, our strength.
9. Yes, and we can easily score another FOUR!!
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