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Here comes the swearing **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean youd think after the ****ING reading result the players will go out with all guns blazing, and getting stuck in and they looked like they didn't even want to win. There was no urgency in our play whatsoever, no fire, no flair FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm so gutted. I kept the faith after the reading result, but with no Roo, Ron suspended for 3 games now, Tevez/Anderson still unfit and we're 4 points behind, what is there to ****ing smile about now?Gutted, gutted, gutted.

redtilldead said:
How valuable do Rossi and Smudge look now?
great point never agreed with united selling smudge he was a different option to the strikers we have left. on tonights game im seriously annoyed we are 4 points behind chelsea already and the derby cum sunday no rooney or ronaldo im scared lads.

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again a big mistake by SAF he shouldnt have waited until the last 6 fu**ing minute to send eagles in hes the real fu**ing star no ronaldo the buthead he should've known better than to fight back those shittheads pompey players they were trying to make him do a stupid thing and he just went on and did it!!.. where was I? oh yes eagles should've been brought in right after pompyes equaliser.. :mad: just cant get more dissapointing

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I've never read such a load of sh*t in my life !!!!

For all this talk I hear about what great fans everyone is on here...
I find it very sick and sad to listen to all these so-called fans giving up
and having cheek to criticise Fergie and the guys who did their best
for the team tonight - and against Reading !!!

Do you all really think they thought to themself "F*ck this - lets just get a draw I cannot be bothered !!!"...........??

No they did not - they went out and they do their best for us - sometimes
their best will not be good enough so we have to take these bad times
with the good times !!!

I have favourite song called "I Hate Scotland " by Ballboy.

It's about Scotland maybe but it can apply to almost all British mentality.

Some of the lines are :

"I hate the way we expect to fail
And then we fail
And then we get bitter because we failed"

I follow Steaua Bucuresti because this is my home team - and I love Romania
national team too because they represent all of us Romanian people !!! When
our national team have bad result you know what we do ??? We clap them and
we thank them for doing their very best !!! If they lose 4-0 its OK because they
did what they could do for us......we know this and we will never hold a result
against them !!!

Maybe United fans need to follow same philosophy !!!

How can people on here possibly accuse the best manager that ever live in UK of
being wrong and make mistakes ?

If they know so much - maybe we see them at Old Trafford soon to take Fergie's
job !!! I dont think so.......

Last time United start with 2 draws in a season was 1998 against Leicester and
West Ham !!! At the end of the season we have Prem League, FA Cup and
Champs League !!!

I haven't given up - we WILL win the league and I have no doubts about any of
our player or about Fergie - these are all the best guys to do this job and they
will NEVER let us down !!!

For those with doubts like I read here - maybe you need to go to another forum
with losers in it - because this is what you all sound like !!!
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