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Wayne Rooney,Michael Carrick & VDS will both be back for this game on New Year.
Personally,I hope that the Starting-XI for Saturday's game will be:


Wes Brown--------Rio Ferdinand-------Nemanja Vidic------Patrice Evra

C.Ronaldo--------Owen Hargreaves--------Anderson---------Ryan Giggs

----------------------Carlos Tevez---------Wayne Rooney--------------------

Jesus Christ,Fergie better field his best,available Starting-XI for this game!!! He can't commit the same mistake twice & put Darren Fletcher & Louis Saha into the Starting-XI! Anderson & Wazza MUST play no matter what! In all the 3 games we lost tis season,Rooney nvr even featured! Hope I can start my New Year in a happy note.....

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will pick
a team he
thinks more
than capable
of beating good
old Birmingham.....
It annoys me that
people have the nerve
to call him names etc etc
for the West Ham defeat !!!
He is one of the top three
managers to ever live in my
opinion and I think he has
forgotten more than most
of us will EVER know
about football !!
are poor

I dont give them much hope.

Maybe 2-0 and if we get into top gear it could be a lot more :eek:

I am eating my supper right now and guess what I did :eek:

I ate some peas - laughed - and one shot out from my nose :(

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Birmingham arent that bad carly, dont underestimate them ;) Also you didnt give West Ham a hope of scoring.......then they scored 2! :eek: lol

p.s. so your saying a pea that was in your mouth came flying out your nose? :rolleyes:

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red_devils4life said:
In all the 3 games we lost tis season,Rooney nvr even featured! Hope I can start my New Year in a happy note.....
Injuries and being ill with a virus can do that for you mate ;)

B'ham will play a good game, but we'll be too much for them. Everyone will be playing with a nice sound determination (for fear of the hairdryer :D)

Whenever we lose a game we go on a run of 8, 9 or 10 games without losing so I'm not worried just yet, a nice 4-0 humping of Brum will put a smile on my face for the new Year :)
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